Where The Wild Things Are

31 03 2009

Remember reading this? Spike Jonze has made the film adaptation and it is slated for an October 2009 release. Watch the trailer below (which also features music from Arcade Fire)

Little Red Riding Hood reinterpreted

30 03 2009

Tomas Nilsson created this interpretation of Little Red Riding Hood for a school assignment. (That’s all I really know)

Slagsmålsklubben – Sponsored by destiny from Tomas Nilsson on Vimeo.

From the Holiday Trenches

29 03 2009

I couldn’t help it. I know I am on holiday. I promised myself not to use a computer. Having drafts available was just too tempting.

Here are some articles that may be of interest.

Data Visualization Is Reinventing Online Storytelling
Today’s consumer seems to have an insatiable appetite for information, but until recently making sense of all of that raw data was too daunting for most. Enter the new “visual scientists” who are turning bits and bytes of data — once purely the domain of mathematicians and coders — into stories for our digital age. 

Is Facebook Growing Up Too Fast?

Wikipedia: Exploring Fact City
“Contributors to Wikipedia have wondered aloud lately if — perish the thought — they are running out of topics.”

And have a look at SearchCube. It is a “…visual search engine that presents web search results in a unique, three-dimensional cube interface. It shows previews of up to ninety-six websites, videos and images.”


Teaching That Sticks & Anti-Teaching

23 03 2009
I found the following on Issuu and thought it may be of interest. Click the  book cover to take you to the article on Issuu. You may also download the document. (Chip and Dan Heath, Michael Wesch)

Fliggo vs. Vimeo

22 03 2009

Fliggo looks great. Do you want a place to share videos with students, families or friends? As a teacher, are you worried about uploading to YouTube, or better yet, not allowed to due to privacy (or your school dreadfully blocks it)? Our school mostly uses Vimeo now to share with parents but Fliggo is also looking feasible. You are able to set privacy settings etc.

Any feedback on which is better?

RiP: A Remix Manifesto

21 03 2009

RiP: A remix manifesto is a documentary film about copyright and remix culture. You can contribute to the film, and follow the conversation on social networks.

Read a detailed blog post here.

Film Resource with Xtranormal

20 03 2009

I have grade 4s researching how mass media can affect their decisions. They are looking at a few techniques and mediums. As part of their formative assessment, they are creating commercials to sell products from our school store. They are using iMovie and came up with some pretty good ideas for only two days of work. They scripted, story-boarded and filmed. I wish I stressed more camera work with them though. Several did vary their angles and perspectives, but a few were also static.

I could have let them play with xtranormal first. This may have been a good experience for them. I decided to create the above intro video for the next group I will have to emphasize this point. xtranormal is kind of fun but the hurdle I had was shortening my script. I was over the allowed space and had to make several adjustments to shorten it. Below is a screen shot outlining the process. You simply type in your script and then drag the action icons into it. Give it a try. It’s free but requires email registration. Other film info, resources and lesson ideas can be found on my wiki here.

(I will be on holiday for a week so I’ll also give your RSS feed a rest. Most likely no posts next week.)

UPDATE: I imported the video into Screenflow to add some titles and have placed it on YouTube here.

Periodic Table of Typefaces

20 03 2009

For those interested in fonts (click the picture to enlarge).

; )

The Mechanics of Comics

19 03 2009

Following on from a few posts ago, The Mechanics of Comics recently arrived in my inbox. This is a short, informative introductory article about comic layout, panels and text. The writer then goes on to provide a tutorial for Adobe Illustrator. A big coincidence and rather timely considering The Carrot Revolution’s recent announcement.

UPDATE: Have a look at Quotes on Comics to see what people are saying about the medium.

Need Inspiration?

18 03 2009