Green Friday Synchronized Blogging Event

3 04 2009

Craig Roland over at The Art Teacher’s Guide to the Internet and creator of the Art Education 2.0 ning, invited bloggers to a challenge through the Green Friday Synchronized Blogging Event.

The theme for our Green Friday event is this broad question: “How might we use art or design to promote a healthy environment and a peaceful, sustainable world?” How you choose to respond to this question is up to you.

I must say, I really struggled to come up with something different, unique and creative. I’m not sure if I have anything innovative here but all activities basically raise awareness. I have thought about this for approximately two weeks and it even kept popping in my head whilst on holiday! (I would like to reconsider a greater way for these projects to reach a wider audience.)

Frustrated, I rethought what my strengths and interests were. Would it be easier to focus on a particular year group? Would it be more effective if there was differentiation? I kept going round and round asking more questions than I was getting answers for. I have therefore decided to post all brainstorm ideas I had. Perhaps collaboration with you could further enhance some of the ideas? The details are rather lengthy so I posted them on my wiki here. I’d love to add the other blogger contributions there as well (if interested, let me know…and for those living behind iron curtains, the PDF, pictured below, is here: environment-art-and-design-lesson-ideasv3).

Activity Summaries:

1. Design an eco-friendly home using Google Sketchup
2. Create word clouds with Wordle
3. Poster Design for Elementary using ComicLife or Glogster
4. Poster Design for Middle/High School using only graphics
5. You are an illustrator, create a children’s book
6. Several video tasks
7. Product Design: Invent an imaginary product that would solve an environmental issue
8. Recycled Art: create a sculpture or work of art using recycled or found materials, or create land art

Have a look at some International Posters for Peace, Social Justice and the Environment 1965-2005 for some good examples (go to their ‘Posters’ drop down menu).

Also have a look at The Miniature Earth to see what it would be like if the planet’s population was reduced to 100.

Other participants in this activity are linked below. Give their ideas a look.

The Art Teacher’s Guide to the Internet

Blissful Thoughts

The Carrot Revolution

Jean Fitz’s Weblog

The Teaching Palette



4 responses to “Green Friday Synchronized Blogging Event”

    3 04 2009
      Chan Bliss (09:55:40) :     

    Good green ideas, I like the book project. In the past I have used a site called Mix Books.

    3 04 2009
      David (11:30:40) :     

    Great post Frank. You’ve given us a lot to think about- this whole blogging event has made me think more about greening my daily activities in the classroom. why shouldn’t every lesson have some green component to it? I can’t think of any more important issue facing the world today.

    3 04 2009
      Theresa (20:16:18) :     

    Great Wiki – it really explains the ideas well! Looking forward to trying your Google Sketch Up and product design ideas with students in the future.

    3 04 2009
      craig (23:14:27) :     

    Great list of “green” art project ideas!


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