Pattern Recognition (Knowledge)

14 04 2009

“The challenge is no longer finding information but making it meaningful.”

A great article from 2020 Forecast:

An extremely visible world demands new sensemaking

Information proliferation will continue, exacerbating the burden on families, learners, educators, and decision-makers to make sense of vast amounts of data. New tools for visualizing data will require new skills in discerning meaningful patterns. Social media and collaborative tools will leave “data trails” of people’s online interactions — including contributions to group activities, inquiries and searches, skills, digital resources, and preferences (such as playlists, buddy lists, and topics tracked) — and social networks. At the same time, sensors and global positioning systems in devices such as cell phones and car navigation systems will be able to capture location-based information along with health and environmental data. Together these tools will provide a robust, visible “data picture” of our lives as citizens, workers, and learners. Families, learners, educators, and decision-makers will need to become sophisticated at pattern recognition in order to create effective and differentiated learning experiences and environments. Furthermore, new skills in collective sensemaking will redefine forms of knowledge, knowing, and assessment.

  • How do ubiquitous, visible data impact teaching, learning, and the assessment of learning experiences?
  • How can we use data to enhance human decisions rather than automate them?

How will we aggregate data and make sense of it all? “Educators and learners will need to learn how to participate effectively in an abundant data world.  New ways of seeing, knowing, and communicating will redefine learning environments, roles, and even forms of knowledge, knowing, and assessment. “

Full story here.

Also look at the Explore Visual Literacy area located under Related Topics > Trends.



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