Tilt-Shift Video Trial

4 05 2009

I’ve been meaning to give tilt-shift video a try for a while now. Click on the picture below to view an example of tilt-shift photography.

Since my school has an annual food fair in May and I have access to the roof, I thought I’d have a go. This video is only a minute long (with titles) and I used 243 photos to produce it. I used Tilt-ShiftMaker as it was the easiest and fastest way. I imported each photo individually and then put them in iMovie where I shortened the time of the photos to .15 seconds. I then merged the photos as DV and sped up the time slightly. video link here via YouTube or view with better quality here via Vimeo.



2 responses to “Tilt-Shift Video Trial”

    5 05 2009
      A. Clark (18:39:11) :     

    Nice work on this Frank. Worth every bit of no less than four times mentioned during a full faculty meeting. Music aside how much time do you think you put into making this? I’m curious about the medium and how labor intensive it is.

    5 05 2009
      frankcurkovic (18:56:33) :     

    I had to import each photo individually so that was the most time consuming. All in all I’d say anywhere between 4-6 hours on photos alone. However that website is much faster than doing it in Photoshop. I wanted to use all 500 photos but…needless to say I got a little impatient. It was a trial test and it’s a little more difficult with people. I also need a better lens to zoom back more. Zoom back more? Is that correct? Lastly my access on the roof was limited to angle choice as well. There’s a tilt-shift group on Flickr that has some good photo examples which are worth checking out.
    I am considering mashing it up now too.

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