Writing Resources

29 06 2009

Smashing magazine provides 50 Free Resources That Will Improve Your Writing Skills. It offers advice on grammar, guides to becoming a better writer and tools to use to become a better writer. Several sites are provided to help you become a better writer, blogger and are useful for both teacher and student.

Holidays & Photography

28 06 2009

Since most schools are out for summer holidays, many of you readers are probably traveling. How about checking out 12 Real-Life Locations Behind Out-of-this-World Films?

Whilst on your holiday, why not try out macro photography instead? Have a look at 35 Examples Of Stunning Macro Photography.

When you return, improve those photos and try 53 Crazy-good Digital Photography Tutorials with Photoshop.

Also go to my wiki here for some photography tips or ideas.

What is a browser?

24 06 2009

Humorous video. So, what is a browser? Go here to find out. Google Chrome? Find out here (or read the comic version by Scott McCloud). Since you are here, you may also wish to check out Opera Unite and take a peak at Google Wave.

Thanks to Shane M. for the video tip.

Please Share

23 06 2009

If any teachers out there are busy planning units/topics over the summer holidays (uh-hum…), have a thought on some of the resources you create. Why not go digital and share them with the world?

video link here

Bad Design

19 06 2009

OK. Here we go. True story. A coworker is cleaning out his class, disposing of old materials. I walk in and lo and behold, what do I see? The instructional booklet pictured left. It’s a how-to for a construction kit toy from 1992. It’s geared towards kids. What were they thinking? I’m not even going to discuss the catchy title. Are the instructions clear to you? It’s a perfect example on why design is so important and what it’s like when it’s not done well. Click on the photos to enlarge them.

Tilt Shift Calendar

18 06 2009

Look over to the right on my sidebar and notice that clothing store Uniqlo has come out with a tilt-shift video calendar. I love it and it also has music by Fantastic Plastic Machine. Click the calendar to go full screen mode.

While I’m at it, also go to Slide:ology to hear an interview with Daniel Pink on his creative process for his book Johnny Bunko.

Opera Unite

17 06 2009

Opera Unite will make your computer, data, and media available via any web browser through the Unite cloud. Read more here.

Gundam in Tokyo

16 06 2009

For some strange reason, I really want to see this. The news has been circulating a lot recently through Japanese/tech blogs and to mark the 30th anniversary of Gundam’s arrival, toymaker Bandai has constructed a full-scale reproduction of it in Tokyo’s Odaiba Shiokaze park. It will be unveiled on July 11th and apparently remain there until the end of August. Go around dusk as it also lights up.

Sound Art

14 06 2009

A few days ago, The Art Teacher’s Guide to the Internet made a post about Sound Art. A friend passed on the following clip to me (thanks Brian D). I love it when the universe comes together like this. From the site:

This incredible machine was built as a collaborative effort between the Robert M. Trammell Music Conservatory and the Sharon Wick School of Engineering at the University of Iowa. Amazingly, 97% of the machines components came from JOHN DEERE Industries and Irrigation Equipment of Bancroft, Iowa. YES, farm equipment!

It took the team a combined 13,029 hours of set-up, alignment, calibration, and tuning before filming this video, but as you can see, it was WELL worth the effort. It is now on display in the Matthew Gerhard Alumni Hall at the University and is already slated to be donated to the Smithsonian.

UPDATE: (June 16) Is the above a hoax? Read here. Thanks Andrew.

Goodbyes and a Hello

13 06 2009

Well our school year finished yesterday and it is always sad to say goodbye to those students and teachers leaving. If you work at an international school, you will know approximately 20 percent of a population leaves a year. A co-worker (thanks JW) sent this out to us. All the best to those moving on. I said my goodbyes but now it is also time to say hello to summer. I will try to keep adding posts on this blog but they may fall irregular and less frequent. Have a good one!