A New School Year, So Why Not Start Here?

19 08 2009

Our new school year began this week. As in any international school setting, teacher/student turnover occurs every year. Sometimes it may be as high as thirty percent. To get everyone on the same page, why not consider experimenting with some new tools for your class/grade level projects? (Remember though, pedagogy first, tools second.)

highlightI have posted many of these before and most essentials are filed under the “Cool Web Tools” tab above here on this blog. I have also made some further additions to my Creativity 2.0 wiki (pictured below). If you are busy, skim through and look for the RECOMMENDED! sites as pictured right.

I have done my best to make the navigation on the wiki simple. I would advise starting with the Presentation section. You may also find something useful under the “Other Good Stuff” area too. Click on the picture below to take you to the wiki. If you have any further recommendations, I’d love to hear from you! Lastly, consider looking at Alan Levine’s  50+ Web 2.0 Ways To Tell a Story. (Remember, most 2.0 tools require sign up.)

creativity 2point0

My job position has changed this year. I am teaching grades 6-9 Art as well as grades 1-3 Drama. My involvement in IT at my school may be minimal. However, it should not affect the posts on this blog. Let’s face it, all teachers are in IT now.