Photo Slideshow Battle

26 08 2009

Teachers often ask which is the best photo slideshow creator to use in class. The ‘usual’ three I hear about are Animoto (teachers click here), PhotoPeach and Stupeflix. So I decided to do a test. Using the same photos for all sites, I created slideshows and compared their features and final product.

However, everyone has different tastes. You may view the three examples below. Which do you prefer? I’ll give my breakdown and verdict tomorrow. Do you know of any other alternatives? If so, please let me know.

Example 1: Animoto

Example 2: PhotoPeach
Eastern Canada Trip 2009 on PhotoPeach

Example 3: Stupeflix (Note: Stupeflix only holds the video for 1 month. I  downloaded it and then uploaded it to Vimeo.)

Eastern Canada 2009 from FNC videos on Vimeo.