Blind Portrait Drawing

9 09 2009

I am really digging these blind portrait drawings from my grade 6 students (11 years old). I’d love to give them a metre canvas with some paint and a thick brush! Using a mirror, students look at their reflections paying very close attention to the edges and details within their reflection. They slowly inch their way around the image, drawing what they see but they do not look at their papers. It was a warm-up activity (five minutes) for their self-portrait projects, which I’ll also post in the future when this first group has completed it.

IMG_2317 IMG_2319IMG_2329



5 responses to “Blind Portrait Drawing”

    9 09 2009
      Schoff (12:56:32) :     

    These look really good! – it would be great to use that tilt-viewer and have the finial product on the other side! (still talking about tilt-viewer…..)

    10 09 2009
      David Gran (10:59:21) :     

    Excellent Frank! I love these. The first one could be a photo of a Calder wire sculpture.

    10 09 2009
      frankcurkovic (15:33:59) :     

    I am going to keep that wire sculpture in the back of my head.

    11 09 2009
      David Gran (23:21:42) :     

    Well, keep the idea in the back of your head… an actual wire sculpture in the back of your head might be a little uncomfortable. ;)

    12 09 2009
      frankcurkovic (10:35:05) :     

    haha. yeah, that’s what I meant.

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