Steal Like an Artist

27 04 2012

I’ve just finished reading Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon and since its release, it seems to be everywhere. It is described as a “manifesto for creativity in the digital age.” He makes some convincing statements and I’ve noticed I’ve done some of his “strategies” whilst growing up without realizing it, or putting it into words. When I say “growing up,” that includes up to present day.

In his first chapter of advice, it’s a similar argument Kirby Ferguson makes in his “Everything Is A Remix” documentary (which you should watch if you haven’t). With this in mind, I love the comparison Kleon makes between good and bad theft (pictured below). It’s a great discussion: Is anything truly original anymore? We’re all influenced by what came previously, whether intentional or not. I must say, the list looks simple, but it is written arguably well and is a bit motivational. It’s a quick read if you don’t take the time to ponder it (and not heavily priced). If interested, you can read my brief chapter summaries here. The book left me remembering the work of others, which I’ll post about soon.

YIS IB Art Show 2012

18 04 2012

It’s never a dull moment here at work! After a weekend of setting up, our IB art students had their opening party for their exhibition last night at BankART gallery in Yokohama (website-Japanese only). Of course, after the 2 days of exam interviews. It’s such a great off-site venue to showcase the artworks by students. The various mediums on show include traditional painting, sumie, graphic design, video, projection, installation, ceramics, printing, fashion and more. Click here to view the pics via Flickr. It will be open all week to the general public as well, so if you are in the area, please do stop by.