40 Ways To Be & Stay Creative

3 05 2012

Following on from my previous post on creativity, inspirational advice etc., I began going through my Diigo bookmarks again reviewing other similar items. I made a list. 40 things I have found useful to get and stay creative. Try not to snicker, but for me, I have found these things helpful and make attempts to remember them. As I try to further learn Adobe Illustrator, I decided to import the list into that. Below you can find my three designs and if you click each picture, it will take you to a higher resolution image on Flickr, where you can download it if you wish. I’m not sure if it is finished, or if I am satisfied, but sometimes it is good just to stop and produce. If you have additional offers or advice, feel free to leave a comment. (Yes, I know I probably could have achieved the same effect and probably gotten it done faster if I simply used Word or Pages)


BTW, I totally ripped/remixed the ideas of these people: Kirby FergusonHugh Macleod, Austin Kleon, TO-FU’s “29 ways to stay creative” video & Michael Michaiko’s “Twelve Things you were not taught in school about creativity”



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