Gr8 Documentary Photography Planning

14 02 2014

Following on from my previous post, I think I have finished planning my grade 8 unit on documentary photography. I have decided to let the kids brainstorm, plan & decide what they would like to document. My only worry is that it will have to be done during their time outside of school, while we develop skills and critique in the classroom. *Fingers crossed.* I have set the summative task like this (click on the picture to enlarge it):

Documentary Photography summative task

I am hoping the students realise that anything can be documented photographically. I am also assuming that most may choose an aspect of family life or locale, which is OK. To assist them, I’ve come up with the following planning sheet below. I intend to use this as part of their assessment as well. (If you wish, you may also view/download the doc via Google here.) Apologies also for the size of the Issuu embed, but it is not allowing me to change the size : (

My next step is to now write the rubric. If you have any feedback, constructive criticisms or advice to add, please do feel free to drop me a line in the comments.



2 responses to “Gr8 Documentary Photography Planning”

    22 02 2014
      kim rust (01:04:29) :     


    I have been following your lesson plans and wanted you to know how great the lessons are for me! I have been teaching junior high art and ceramics and things around here are changing with the common core etc. Your lesson plans are really up to date and I go back to them often to get ideas of how I can “refresh and update” my own lesson plans.

    Thanks for making your lessons available!

    Kim Rust

    24 02 2014
      frankcurkovic (09:11:55) :     

    Thanks for the positive comments Kim!
    I appreciate it.

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