Dover IB Art Show 2014

28 03 2014

UWC IB Art 2014 thumb
Congrats to the UWCSEA Dover IB students on the completion of their gallery run & course. Congratulations also goes out to their two teachers John W and Gabriel R. View some pics below in the slideshow or directly through the Flickr set here. Apologies for the low quality pictures. They were taken with an iPhone.


22 04 2013

Our IB Art show just wrapped up over the weekend. It was a smaller affair this year involving only four students and another student that joined half-way through. Congrats to my colleague Richard as well as the students on all their hard work! View some pics below or directly through Flickr here.

YIS IB Art Show 2012

18 04 2012

It’s never a dull moment here at work! After a weekend of setting up, our IB art students had their opening party for their exhibition last night at BankART gallery in Yokohama (website-Japanese only). Of course, after the 2 days of exam interviews. It’s such a great off-site venue to showcase the artworks by students. The various mediums on show include traditional painting, sumie, graphic design, video, projection, installation, ceramics, printing, fashion and more. Click here to view the pics via Flickr. It will be open all week to the general public as well, so if you are in the area, please do stop by.

YIS IBDP Visual Arts Show 2011

12 04 2011

IB Art show 2011

This week our grade 12s will be holding their IB Art show at BankART gallery in Yokohama (website-Japanese only). Congrats to the 7 students exhibiting their work, which ranges from painting, ceramics, fashion, graphics and jewelry and more.
View the slideshow of their work (and some set up photos) below or directly through Flickr here.

Dancing Lights

4 02 2011

Miyu, a grade 11 IB Art student at my school produced this clip where she created an animated video using Adobe After Effects, then projected it onto a previous piece she created with origami paper and then edited the video again. Watch the video and feel free to leave her comments on Vimeo.
**Warning: There are flashing and strobe lights in the video.**

Dancing Lights from Miyu Shirotsuka on Vimeo.

IB Art Show 2010

6 04 2010

Fifteen of our grade 12s held the opening reception for their IB art show (and exam) yesterday. It is the first time to be held at a proper outside gallery (BankArt) and what a difference. If you are in the Yokohama area, it will be on display all week. Have a look through the many pics via the slideshow below or click here to go to the thumbnail view if you are not born of the patient type. If you teach IB Art, feel free to contact me with your students’ work too. I’m sure the students here would like to have a look. Oh yeah, by the way, I don’t teach IB Art, I just share the classroom with them. Congrats to the students and to my coworker James for all their hard work!