How to Take Better Photos

6 11 2013

I currently find myself teaching a photography unit to my grade 7s. I think I am done refining the unit (for the time being anyway) and am really enjoying it. The students are also super excited, engaged and motivated. One activity I like is getting them to discuss in groups on what makes a good photo. They then share their answers as a class and mostly come up with the terms I wish to introduce to them.

They are still going through the process of improving their framing skills, but to save them (and myself) time, I created the slideshare below for their reference. In it, I explain some concepts, provide examples and give some tips. Have a look if interested. I’m sure I have left something out. Feel free to also download a copy via my Google Drive here as well (preview not available, just download).

Examples of the Human Figure in Art

1 10 2012

I’ll be revamping my life drawing/painting unit in grade 10 to perhaps focus more on the concept of beauty and how form, line, colour, medium & pose can evoke emotion and tell a story. In anticipation of this, I’ve collected several photos and compiled them into the slideshow below. Feel free to use/download it if it suits your needs.

An Intro to Landscape Painting

11 02 2010

I am currently teaching painting with my grade 9 Art Foundation students. We’re doing landscapes. Some of them have never painted before so we are looking at colour and brushwork. For inspiration, I created this basic slideshare with various international examples and styles to hopefully, get their creative juices flowing. Feel free to use it if you wish or offer feedback etc. You can view the unit outline here.

A Basic Introduction to Colour

13 01 2010
This is a very basic introduction to colour that I created for my grade 6 students. Feel free to use it if you wish.
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Intro to Portrait Painting

11 01 2010

I created this presentation for my grade 6 art students who will be working on expressive portrait painting. Feel free to use it if you wish or provide comments or feedback. You can also view the five week unit timeline here.