TiltViewer is a free, customizable 3D Flash image viewing application. Very cool.

Will Lion uses it to gather and present digital bytes (pictured below).

Select a photo and click the arrow. This flips the picture and shows relevant info. Click on “View image info” and it will bring you to the Flickr page.

Could be a very nice way to display student work or an alternative way to give presentations. Since I am on the topic, you may also be interested in CoolIris or DestroyFlickr.

One thought on “TiltViewer

  1. Wow – TiltViewer is smooth. I really like the interface. Even the subtle sounds when you click on the images, or flip them over.

    I could use them for displaying some of my Grade Ones’s work and they’d love the ability to see there own work up close, but then easily look at others. Even when we look at labeling pictures or looking at captions, the flip ability is very nice.

    But how about visually representing our POI? We could have the CI and lines of inquiry on the front, and the other details on the back…..mmmm food for thought.


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